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Frenchmike in 2013 (admistrator)

Style: French Jiu-Jitsu :-)







          1. The grips: If you know how to grab and hold your opponent in no gi grappling, you will be able to do the same when your opponent wears a gi, a tee short, or a business suit.  get it? you will never get confused, you can use the no gi techniques in all and any situations.  you cannot say the same if you are used to grap sleeves, collars, and pant legs as in gi brazilian jiu-jitsu

          2. It’s more technical:  You hear people say gi is more technical, gi jiu-jitsu is more complicated, and has more moves, but it’s a lot harder to apply a submission no gi because there is no clothing to grab and hold, and that in turn means that your have to be tight and flawless to succeed.  in my opinion using a foot in the belt to sweep or escape feels like cheating, and can easily leave you confused once you try mma or gi less grappling.


          3. It’s more mma ready: It’s more realistic.  why? because with the gi, we have a tendency to chill on the bottom because a good kung fu grip will hold, or slow down your opponent, so you can get away with a bit of laziness.  Gi less grapplers spend more time trying to be on top, sweep, and pass the guard.  No gi jiu-jitsu is also faster and more fluids, more movement means more training, more cardio, and precise techniques.


4. Gi jiu-jitsu is great as well, I just prefer No Gi obviously.  if you fight a guy in the business district, he most likely will be wearing a suit, which you can then use like you would a gi, to choke him, or control him, so yes gi training can be very useful.

 WHAT IS THE FOCUS OF NoGiTechniques.com

1. To be complete brazilian jiu-jitus reference guide, not just techniques, but nutrition, conditioning, discussions, strategies, and more.

2. It will be for the complete beginner to the expert level practitioner.

3. The techniques listed here will be tournament tested and effective (or at least proven effective in practice), and fancy techniques that are only effective on white belts will be skipped or deleted.

4. This site will aim to be interactive via posting of videos, photos, articles by other grappling practitioners.

5. Beyond just brazilian jiu-jitsu, we are passionate about all forms of wrestling, such as Judo, Wrestling, Sambo, Sumo, etc.